Monday, December 10, 2007

Chocolate Brownies

One sentence is all it takes.
"Mom, can I have money for the snack bar at school?"

NO!!! Do you know how much garbage is in those snacks at school? A lot more than what I would put in a snack. So I went looking for the already prepped muffin mix in the deep freezer. I can usually abstain from eating those. Gone. But there was a huge container of brownie mix! Thank goodness we only had 3 eggs left so I could only make a batch and a half. It was delicious!

Do you let the kids buy junk food at school? Or do you just make them junk food at home?


Sonshine said...

LOL! What happened to your picture? It doesn't look like brownies. Better to make something on hand rather than spend $$ for something else!

Well since I homeschool, I make the junk food snacks for them. However, I do on occasion get store bought junk food for them to have BUT that is limited.

Jasmine's Journey said...

I will have to take another picture tonight once we cut it. What do your brownies look like? lol

Yeah I limit the store junk stuff as well. So many fake ingredients in them.

I also have a grain mill so when they eat their "junk" they are getting whole wheat flour at least. haha