Monday, November 05, 2007

Grass fed beef


Okay so I am thinking more about buying some grass fed beef.

For a quick list of reasons read this:


Most places I have seen online are very expensive.
Price is a big factor. On eat I found a ranch that is grass fed and it is angus beef. (4th website down) It is not qualified for the organic label yet, but it is free of antibiotics, growth hormones and no pesticides used on the pastures.

Chileno Valley Natural Beef

It looks like a split quarter cost $250.00 plus butcher cost of $70.00- $80.00.

Purchase info

Which comes out to about $330.00. It says it is 100 pounds of meat.

I googled them as well and found this cbs clip:

Raising Cows The Old-Fashioned Way

I think I will email them and find out if their prices have changed any and how much shipping would be.

Good idea? Bad idea? What are your thoughts on this?

A review or two.

Reviews # 1
Reviews # 2
Reviews # 3


They have another website which says the meat is $380.00 after butchering. I am not surprised it went up. I think I found their old website last year and was surprised the price hadn't changed.

Chileno Natural Grass-Fed Beef


Monica said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. Nice to meat you.

I don't know where you live but you might find a local farmer who sells by the pound. I've done this several times and been very happy. He takes orders three times a year. I specify the cut and he sell at about $2.30-2.75 per pound. There's no shipping cost and I don't have to buy a huge portion that I wouldn't have room for.

Just a thought.

Jasmine's Journey said...

Nice to meet you too. I think I seen you over at money saving moms blog. I seen you had 7 kids. I got 5! :)

We live in So.Cal. I haven't heard back from that place yet and I am thinking they may not deliver. I was thinking a local source would be best but....finding one may be tricky. It seems like all the places are up North. I will keep looking though.

That is a great deal you found on meat!