Wednesday, January 09, 2008

I ordered some more books today

My middle dd is enjoying the "kid" cookbook I got her for x~mas so much I thought I would buy her another one.

New Junior Cookbook (Better Homes & Gardens Test Kitchen) (Spiral-bound)
She even had her own little grocery list when we went to the store the other night. lol I really think it is great that she is developing a love of cooking and baking so early in life.

When I was young I liked baking cookies and bread with my mom but that was it. I remember even when I was older she would want me to come in and show me how to do something but I could care less.

Now that I am in my 30's I have really taken a liking to it. I know I got that bug from my mom even if it didn't kick in til later. My eldest dd is the same way. Once in a while she will want to make something but usually not. She usually drags her feet about it. SO I was very happy my 9 1/2 y/o is really taking an interest in it. The other book we got her came with an apron, the book and mini utensils, kid size.

SO while I was looking up a book for her I figured since I love cooking and baking so much I need to seriously build up my supply of great cookbooks. I absolutely love baking bread and really want to get into making artisan loaves. SO there are a few I have in mind but for now I am going to start by ordering, "Bread", by Eric Treuille.
The reviews looked really good and I have seen it talked about elsewhere. There are many others I want to get eventually as well but I figured one book at a time might be best.

There are quite a few artisan type bread recipes online that I want to try as well.

I am also very interested in OAMC/freezer cooking. If you haven't noticed. haha SO after looking at a few books, I narrowed it down to 1, well 2. But I got tired of scanning thru all the reviews. haha. The one I ordered is "Don't Panic - Dinners in the Freezer: Great-Tasting Meals You Can Make Ahead". That beat out two other books. There is one more I want to get but I will wait til I feel like reading more about it. It is the "30 day Gourmet".

I can't wait til they get here. Oh and it has also come to my attention that I need a pizza peel and a stone. That was agonizing looking thru all that today too. I could of easily spent $200.00 today at Amazon but I told myself to just get the few books, look around and see what all is out there and then make a decision when I am not so frazzled.

They have so many nifty things for bakers on there. The pizza stone is supposed to significantly improve your pizza and your artisan bread. Now I remember why I didn't get the stone yet. They are all sold out! lol I also want the chicago baking pans but am a little miffed I missed the big sale in Novenmber. Basically the loaf pans(commercial quality) are normally about $15.00. But back in November they went on sale for $5.95! And they qualified for the buy 3 get 1 free deal as well.

When I looked today they were $10.00 each and I was rationalizing getting them. That would be $30.00 for 4. I checked the usual outlets around here, Target, W.M., Bed Bath and Beyond, etc. The last was the only place that had them and for $15.00 each, even with a coupon off of one that would be $12.00 and then I would have to wait each month to get another one. lol

Yeah that is me I will seriously contemplate spending $100.00 on baking ware but pay a little extra per pan I will not. lol So I added it up, $48.00 near home vs. $30.00 online. I was all set to buy too when I realized they do NOT qualify for free shipping! And it looks as if they want to charge $6.00 per pan to ship!! SO that $30.00 just became $54.00! So then we are looking at spending $6.00 more than near my house! (Even though it would take 4 months or so to get them all waiting for that 20% off coupon in the mail.)

And do not even get started on how much I will spend in gas making those 4 trips. Probably $6.00 x4. lol But we always go out that way anyways, you know how it is. Anyhow you can see why my head was splitting. haha

I decided to call it quits for the day and look at that stuff later when I am up for the mental challenge. Oh not to mention I need a pizza peel as well and I seen one for $10.00 and one for $30.00 and one for $17.00 and.....The $10.00 seems cool but I heard people complaining. Yeah, that it broke.

Then there is the matter of the buy 3 get one free deal. So as I was contemplating the $30.00 pizza stone I began to wonder if we needed two? And if we did I seen a cool digital scale for $30.00 and that is $90.00 and since I am already there I get something for $30.00 for free!!!! But what?? What should I pick?

But once I started adding this all up in my head and seeing myself spending almost $150.00 - $200.00 on Amazon today I stopped myself. I said I don't need 2 stones and I don't need a scale. Thank goodness. I told myself to wait and look and see what other stores around here have to offer but I really do think I am going to get that stone from amazon.

SO now back to basics. Stone, peel, dough cutter, wooden cutting the list grows again. *sigh*

We did find a nice big wooden cutting board that I am going to use for my dough at Walmart tonight. $15.00 and no shipping fees! lol We also found a dough cutter at Smart N Final tonight for $6.00.

P.s. As of tonight those stupid $10.00 loaf pans are now $16.00 for each one! Maybe if I just watch them they will fall back to $6.00 again. ;)

So what kind of books are you reading?


Maggie said...

In the Dinners in the Freezer cookbook, the chicken skewers are really good. I have made them twice but did not end up freezing any :)

I have bought a lot of kitchen items from Amazon, I love some of their sales.

Jasmine's Journey said...

Chicken skewers sound good. What stuff have you bought from amazon that you like pertaining to baking?

Unknown said...

I quickly realized that buying cookbooks, although fun, may not be the best bang for my buck. I seem to buy them and then only make one or two things, then I am off to find a new one. I have a few, mainly that were gifts, but checking them out at the library is a good option. Or, what I do the most is just google recipes. There are hundreds of sites out there. It's always fun to shop, even if online and you end up putting everything "back".

Jasmine's Journey said...

Reminds me of buying cd's as a teen. You buy it for the hit single and like 1-2 other songs and that is it.

haha I did that a few summers ago, checking out some health books. That was cool. Til my kids lost a few books of theirs and now the bill is huge!

I have hit sites like recipezaar, Tammy's Recipes, Smitten Kitchen and The Pioneer Woman. I have found a lot of great stuff online.

I will continue to do so but I have been all out of printer ink for ages now and am getting sick, SICK of writing everything down!

When I seen the MAgnolia Bakery cookbook I was very intrigued but thought I would hit google first and I found their famous cup cake recipe online. It is really wonderful!

The recipe is on my blog. I also found their bb muffins, good and am going to try their banana pudding recipe soon.

Pioneer woman has alot of great recipes as does Smitten Kitchen. But I want some books too.

Zsuzsanna said...

Wow, I feel frazzled just reading about this... but I know exactly how it is. Spending money can be a full-time job when you are trying to find the best deal!! :) I never use my Bed Bath and other store coupons that come in the Sunday paper, and would be happy to mail them to you, which would save you a trip or two. They let you use more than one, you just have to check out each time.

I have a pizza stone and do love it. I bought it at Target for some ridiculous amount because of a whim. The next week I went to Ross and saw the same brand, except the box had a bigger pizza stone and all kinds of other accessories, for like $10 on clearance. I felt like an idiot! Served me right for impulse buying!

Jasmine's Journey said...

Thanks for the offer. I will email ya. ;) I would be so mad about the Ross deal I would of probably bought it, gone home and thrown the other one back in the box and taken it back to target after buying the Ross one. lol All we can do is our best.