Thursday, January 17, 2008

Frugal Friday: Frugal Fun!

Okay well for this Fridays frugal tip I will tell you what I did this week. After spending $36.00 on 3 cook books at amazon I also decided I needed to start watching for cook books at yard sales/swap meets to keep expanding my collection. So last Saturday we went to the swap meet and I got 3 cook books. They were 3/$5.00. So $1.66 each. Tonight I searched amazon to see how much they are going for. I found 2/3 on amazon.

The first one is a bed and breakfast cook book which I love and have already used twice. Click here to see me ramble in another post about this book.
The Bed and Breakfast Cookbook: Great American B & Bs and Their Recipes from All Fifty States by Martha W. Murphy. I looked on amazon tonight and this book is selling right now for $16.93. I spent only $1.66 so that is a savings of $15.27.

The next book is Jenny Craig's No Diet Required: Recipes for Healthy Living It is selling for $14.99 and I got it in great condition for $1.66. So I saved $13.33. The third book I couldn't find at amazon but I am sure I saved money there as well. ;)

Another tip is to look at discount outlets like Ross. My friend Zsuzanna mentioned the other day finding a pizza stone for a great price at Ross so Joe and I happened to be out there today looking to see if I could find any cookware I was interested in. We did find a few mini muffin pans. I was trying on an outfit in the womens room and Joe seen a stand of books and he found me this one. It looked good. I liked also that it had the calorie counts. He said he flipped thru it and saw yummy food he wants to eat. It said $5.99, that sounded fair enough so we bought it. By the way this book is HEAVY!!! It says it has over 1000 recipes and has 564 pages(including index, but still)All-new Complete Cooking Light Cookbook

Since it was brand new and not a used book I decided to take a peek and see how much amazon was selling this book for. It says "regularly" $34.95 but on sale for $23.07! I paid $6.00 for it so we saved $17.07. Now a really frugal tip would obviously be to borrow these from your library. ;)but for the cost of gas nowadays you can't beat $1.66 at the swap meet. In addition you don't have to give them back. They can be part of your ever growing collection and stab at feeding your family lots of yummy wholesome food.

For more frugal tips check out Biblical Womanhood.


Mom2fur said...

Isn't it fun when you can get books so cheaply, especially cookbooks? I'm always checking them out at garage sales (as well as cooking magazines.) For a dollar here or there, you aren't stuck with something you find you don't like.
That B&B cookbook looks really fun.
Thanks for visiting my blog! As you read, I only got 1.95 for the bottles and cans. It takes a long time to save them up, so we just toss them in a tall laundery basket we keep out on the deck. When I was a kid, you got 2 cents for a small bottle and 5 cents for a large one. For the room those 2-ltr. bottles take up, they should give you at least a dime for them, LOL!

Jasmine's Journey said...

Exactly $1.00 is a very small investment. I really do like the b&b cookbook.

Your welcome. Yeah they should give us more. Some people make money by going to parks and collecting cans during busy seasons.

Pam said...

Hey Jasmine! I don't remember how I landed on your blog, but I have enjoyed my visit. I printed off your hummus post to remind me to give it a try. I'm always looking for new healthy things to try.

Oh, and I LOVE cookbooks too. That chocolate whatever-it-was on that one looked dee-licious!

Jasmine's Journey said...

I am so glad you found me. Your blog looks neat too. Maybe you found me thru the frugal friday link?

Yeah the hummus is good. There is also a post on this blog for a recipe for home made salsa if you want to try that. The pics didn't turn out so well I should make more and retake those.

Yeah cook books are my new fun way to jazz up my cooking.