Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Snack Cake Mix

Okay so it was very, VERY good! Even though I goofed the recipe a bit. Maybe that is why it was sooo good? :)It didn't taste "wheaty" at all. It reminded me of a Suzie Q. Very tender and moist. But not as sugary. Which is a good thing.

See, that is what I goofed on. I got it from the make a mix cook book. They wanted something like 8 1/2 cups of flour and 5, yes FIVE cups of sugar! WOW!! The muffin mix is 8 cups of flour and they only want 3 cups of sugar. I think I usually cut that down to 2.5.

I can't remember exactly how many cups I put in. I am thinking 4.25. Maybe just 4? I also added nutmeg and cinnamon. Well when it was saying to add the wet ingredients, it said add one package of snack cake mix. With the muffin mix it just always says add 2 3/4 cups of muffin mix. So i had to flip back to that page to find out how much one package would be. It said makes about 13 1/2 cups, about 6 packs. Okay simple. 2 1/4 cups each batch for the mix. I was going to make 4 batches up and freeze some and save two batches to mix later. So I start measuring out 9 cups of mix. What I forgot was this:

There is not going to be enough for "6 packages". I didn't put enough sugar in to make that ratio. I realized this as I was nearing the end of the container and thought to myself, there is NOT going to be enough for 2 more batches. Maybe ONE. Oops. Maybe it was a good thing cause I made the mix up and thought I was done and actually already poured it into two big rectangle baking dishes, sans the cocoa powder. lol

I got distracted away from adding it because I could NOT find the chocolate chips. When I bake, I hide the chips otherwise the kids will sneak them and eat them all. I usually hide them so good not even I can find them! Good thing my eldest ds just got home and kids have a nack for finding stuff like that. ;)

So I made up one more pack, poured all the mix in the pan back into the mixer and added cocoa. If you look close you can see on the pans where I had to pour it back out.

I used two big glass pans and a small one. The table cloth looks wrinkly. Dh said the dryer is now fixed. I will go and inspect soon. ;)

I poured finely chopped walnuts and choc. chips on top.

The little pan is cute.

So I tossed those in the oven and set the timer for 35 minutes. Then I started working on the dough for the corn tortillas. I think that is when I smeared the phone. Cause these next pics are blurry too. Notice how the chocolate chips and the walnuts all ran to the middle of the pan? lol Joey said he wants the middle pieces. haha Yeah him and everyone else. Everyone was oohing and awing over them. Joey said I am in for it now. He took FIVE of them. He was so stuffed between that and dinner he couldn't finish his last piece. My eldest ds ate dinner with us, was invited to his friends house, called up and said they invited him for dinner too and could he stay? Ummm...okay. Eats dinner with them, comes home and wants a muffin and a snack cake. Teenage boys, I tell ya.

Do any of your kids seem like they have a bottomless pit for a tummy?