Monday, October 29, 2007

WHy do some things break...

AFTER you clean them?!? haha Okay for instance the glass on the chandeliers that goes around your light bulbs. Last time I took them down to clean them I broke two of them!

Last weekend, dh and the boys were cleaning the garage, moving stuff around. Dh moved the washer/dryer and cleaned behind there really well. The garage looks alot better but....The washer and dryer aren't working now!!!

I went to do a load of clothes that night and the water wouldn't even turn on. Then dh said he turned it off and so he turns the faucet back on and guess what started leaking? The faucet! He ran to Home Depot, wound up getting the right part, wrong thread count. So now he needs to take that back. Til then the cold water works, just not the warm.

I can deal with that. But now the dryer is not drying!!! It took like 4 hours to get one load done! I hope he can fix it. We are saving up to get another van next year. We just got done needing a new refrigerator.

What appliances are breaking down at your house?


Zsuzsanna said...

Let's see:

washer (arm doesn't move unless the machine is practically empty, so I have to run tons of "mini" loads)

dryer (makes THE WORST squeaking sound when it's running)

dishwasher (will sometimes run an entire cycle with ***no*** water)

But worse than all that together is that my new camera got stolen, and my old one is really in very bad shape and note very good quality. Plus, the video clips have no sound. I would rather wash my dishes and laundry by hand than not to have pictures and videos of the kids.

And I still want that grain mill, too! :)

Jasmine's Journey said...

Hahaha. Sounds like our house. We are renting but we try to do all the maintenance ourselves. It had a dishwasher and stove when we moved in, for me that was 7.5 years ago.

Both the dishwasher and the stove decided to quit working earlier this year. It was around income tax time and we got money back though so that was good. So we replaced them.

How can your dishwasher run an entire cycle with NO water? lol Sometimes if I fill mine too full it will be done and the soap will still be in the dispenser. haha

Where did your camera get stolen at? We have a cheap $100.00 digital camera which works pretty good but I think it grew legs cause I can't find it. Lately I have been using my camera phone. I know it is annoying when you want to take pictures and can't.

I think the grain mill is a good investment health wise as well too. :D

P.S. the dryer STILL is not drying. I just turned it on for another hour. :( Maybe he needs a new heating coil.