Friday, October 19, 2007

Make your own microwave kid food

Make your own microwave burritos/quesidillas, Egg & Cheese, Chili, Chicken, etc.

Okay so if you get tortillas from the store it will obviously be simpler than doing your own by hand but I actually LOVE our h.m. tortillas. Store tort. will also fold easier I haven't got that down yet but anyhow. Grab a bunch of tortillas, some scrambled egg, some shredded mozzarella or cheddar, some chili, some boneless chicken, whatever you fancy and get ready to make your own microwave burritos! Well I guess the way mine are it is more like quesedillas, but you get the point.

Kass was helping last weekend and for the egg ones she wanted to do cheese, egg and some tomato sauce. SO we did. For myself I would rather just add some salsa and if you really want to get technical I would rather grease with butter when I am doing them fresh and fry in a pan on the stove. laugh.gif I usually just use the microwave for me for popcorn. When the kids come home and I warm something up for them I usually use the stove whenever possible. But with burritos it is not really feasible. Anyhow this is for ease and convenience for a healthier snack for the kids or for a quick lunch for them. If you enjoy this way go ahead. Obviously the most convenient would be store bought cheapie burritos but I am trying to get away from all the preservatives and additives as much as possible. PLUS our tortillas are made from whole wheat flour and chili I make myself, etc.

I reccommend using a fork to seal the edges, she likes using her thumb.

Funny thing is just days before she was calling me old fashioned and that all the food I cook is disgusting. (Even when I make normal things, My Aunt has a friend with a 14 year old too and she says the same stuff about not liking ANYTHING to her mom! ) laugh.gif

Anyhow I thought I would drag her out of her room to see if she wanted to work the tortilla press while I did up the food and she dragged her feet a bit but then she had an idea, she wanted to do sauce, egg and cheese and to lay them flat, I said go ahead! Thats how I had done some the previous week with chili and cheese but since she thought this was HER idea, etc she thought this sounded like a great plan! haha Have at it! I asked her if she would actually eat these or if they were too "old fashioned" for her. She said that SHE made them so of course they would taste great!!

WHat do you like to make for your kids?