Sunday, October 28, 2007

Starting to bake again!

Hooray! Okay so after a long hot summer the weather is finally cooling off enough to start baking again. I am happy. The family is loving it. Back in February or March we had gotten a grain mill. So that we could mill organic wheat from the health store. Interesting article if you want to read: Buying a Nutritious Bread Fresh whole wheat bread, muffins, home made pizza, buttermilk biscuits, tortillas, etc. Summer hit and it was too hot to want to spend much time in the kitchen let alone bake any thing.

I am getting all kinds of yummy recipes and tomorrow I will bake some more. Last week I baked 2 batches of chocolate chip muffins. Friday the kids were all out of school due to the poor air quality (fires,) so dd#1 and dd#2 and I spent alot of time in the kitchen. We made 4 loaves of bread, enough mix for 4 batches of snack cake mix and 4 batches of muffins. We also made 8 medium size pizza's from scratch. I have a make a mix cook book which is really handy. I love the muffin recipe. The precept is to make the mixes before hand and then later you can just make something quick. Like reaching for a cake mix.

The problem with the wheat though, once milled, (having no preservatives), it will go rancid if not kept in the fridge or freezer. I went and got some more containers from Walmart, air tight, freezer safe, 16 cup, dishwasher safe, etc. I have 6 now so these are perfect for making some mixes and then storing in the freezer til I want to make some muffins or snack cake mix etc.

Tomorrow I want to try the snack cake recipe, I haven't ever made those before.